Youth Ministry:
Journeying Towards Fullness in Christ

Sunday Mornings

This small group of mostly Jr. High students meets Sunday mornings from 9-10 in room 204 at PRF (just across the hall from the adult small group). This is a very casual setting where we are exploring questions about the Bible, following Jesus, and a variety of "tough" questions students have or will encounter in their formative years.  Although this is just an hour a week, we believe there are seeds of truth sewn in this class that will bear fruit as these students mature into adulthood.  These seeds are accompanied by prayer as we ask Jesus to work in their hearts and minds to reveal Himself to them and to call them into deeper, life-transforming relationships with Himself. 

Sunday Evenings

We meet together weekly to enjoy each other, worship Jesus, seek truth, and pray with and for one another.  Although our gatherings are usually fun, that is not the goal.  Our desire is to create space and time in our lives to encounter the reality of God through the presence of the Holy Spirit in genuine worship, in the Scriptural truths we discuss and as we care for one another in prayer. It's a grace-heavy, family atmosphere where high school students can be who they really are without judgment while at the same time exploring what it means to grow in their identity as a beloved son or daughter of God and as one who bears a destiny in His Kingdom on earth and forever.  This gathering usually takes place from 5-7pm on Sunday nights at the Kirby's house just a half mile from PRF.  Most the time, comfort food of some kind is served, but we pray the comfort of the Holy Spirit is always present.  Please call, text, or email Lisa Kirby at 512-470-7774 for directions or info.

Contact Lisa Kirby for more information on all things youth!  You can call or text Lisa at 512-470-7774.

Important downloads: 

Release Form (2013) You'll need one of these filled out each year for any off campus events you participate in. Fill one out and you're good for the year.

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