PRF Staff

Tres Sansom
Associate Pastor

After sustaining a spinal injury as an 18-year-old, Tres began to learn the tangible reality of God's all-sufficient grace. In the years since his injury, Tres has been repeatedly reminded that he is deeply dependent upon the gracious movement of God in his life. Through God's enablement, he was able to finish college and attend Dallas Theological Seminary, where he received his Masters in Christian Education. Tres is married to his best friend and the love of his life, Kate, and together they have two children: Benjamin and Abigail. Tres and his family love to tell their story to others as a reminder of God's faithfulness and generosity. When he's not wrestling with his kids, Tres loves to play frisbee with his Border Collie, spend time outdoors, and read books about the history and practice of spiritual formation. Tres has been deeply influenced by the writings of Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, Eugene Peterson, and NT Wright, among others.

Lisa Kirby

Youth Ministry

Lisa Kirby, former lawyer, professional cheerleader, public relations representative, and home-school mom (not necessarily in that order), is a passionate lover of Jesus and the many teenagers who are often in her house and always on her heart. The mother of three teenagers (one in college), Lisa has long prayed for someone "young, hip and totally Jesus-stoked" to lead the PRF youth and facilitate His obvious work in their hearts. Although Lisa has ministered to youth alongside others for many years, she was surprised to become the answer (at least one out of three) to those prayers. Known by many current and former teenagers as "Mama Kirby," Lisa says teenagers are some of her favorite people to be around -- "they're funny, don't mind when I'm ridiculous, are the most fun to worship with and speak my primary love language - food." Lisa loves to feed, encourage, listen to, and pray with and for the students in her life. While she's still praying for "young and hip," in the meantime, the teenagers she leads don't seem to mind. Lisa and her beloved husband of 25+ years, Chris, joyously open their home and heart to teenagers.

Jim Echels
Worship Minister

Jim has just joined the kind folks of PRF as Worship Leader and Generally Loud Person. Prior to working as a worship guy, he worked in the non-profit sector crunching all kinds of numbers, proving that God often has plans for us other than our own. Jim came to worship leading in a roundabout way, beginning by playing whatever instrument was around, the louder the better. Eventually churches asked him to sing more so that their services would be a little quieter. He prefers acoustic drums, analog keyboards, lefty guitars, and as few computers being involved in the musical process as possible. He also prefers his beverages, whether they are coffee, tea or water, to be served in large enough containers to be affected by lunar tidal patterns. Sometimes he enjoys speaking about himself in the third person, which is the only way in which he is similar to an NFL caliber wide receiver. Jim and Beth (his extraordinarily smart, beautiful and patient Aggie meteorologist wife) were married in 2001. He is currently in a friendly competition with his nearly six-year-old daughter Amelia to see who can sing the loudest. He is losing. He is also trying to decide whether to teach his baby boy Joshua traditional or matched grip first.

Petra Harrell

PRF Children's Academy Director

Floyd Clearman
Maintenance Supervisor

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