PRF Pastoral Team

Tom & Shirley Fisk

Tom & Shirley Fisk met in California when they both worked at Disneyland. Tom was originally from Ontario, Canada and Shirley was born in Texas. They have survived the challenges of a 43 year old marriage and have 3 lovely adult daughters. Grateful to God for His grace and love they are committed to growing in God’s Word and encouraging others. They have enjoyed the fellowship of PRF for 7 years. Shirley loves learning new things, reading, being creative through painting and taking tea with friends. Tom loves sports, coffee houses, the Blues, has begun to write, and is committed to seeing men thrive in their relationship with Christ.

Max & Beth Peeples

Max and Beth are honored to serve on the elder board for PRF.  They both enjoy hiking and have been trying to complete hikes from the book "60 Hikes within 60 Miles - San Antonio/Austin" when they are not traveling. Even though they try to eat healthy, the lure of Texas BBQ is sometimes too great to overcome... especially when the Texas Monthly BBQ edition is out!  They are grateful for a God who is boundless in His love, grace, and mercy.

Dick & Nancy Pickens

Dick and Nancy grew up in the East Texas town of Jacksonville. They met as children, dated through high school, and have now been married for 57 years.  They have four children, fourteen grandchildren, and one great-grandson.  Dick has enjoyed a broadcasting career since he was ten years of age and still provides technical consultation to radio and television stations across Texas. Coincidentally he is a graduate of the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and was ordained in that denomination as a “Teaching Elder” and Evangelist. Since 1971 he has served numerous churches in various capacities including pastoring and pulpit supply.  During the 1970s Dick, was named as Teen Challenge director for the Austin area. Dick and Nancy evangelized and pastored hundreds at “The Well,” a UT-area coffeehouse ministry to runaways and young people who were mixed up with drugs. They are still in touch with many of them who gave their lives to Christ during those years. During that time he also taught High School Bible for credit in Austin Public Schools. During the 80s he was given a Lectureship at UT in the College of Communication.  Nancy graduated from UT Austin in 1962 with a Bachelor of Music and a teacher certificate.  She has taught piano for the past 30 years, after retiring from public school teaching in the '80s.  Dick and Nancy have resided on property along Pace Bend Road since the mid-90s. During that time they have served as Bible teachers at PRF and work with the Barnabus Basket Benevolence team.

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