Men's Mexico mission trip

Men's Ministry:
Courage, Humility, Unity

The Men’s Ministry of PRF is a brotherhood of Christ striving to help men move from success to meaning, addictions to freedom, and selfishness to God’s call. Just imagine: Guys getting to know one another beyond the “sports and the weather,” allowing themselves to be challenged, and held to a higher standard than the world would dictate. Men being honest about their struggles and shortfalls. Guys praying together, and encouraging each other toward Christlikeness. And all this taking place in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, without judgment.

If you are a guy looking for deep connections and comradarie, we invite you to join us for our weekly "Band of Brothers" meetings regularly scheduled on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm.

For more information, contact Tres Sansom or Tom Fisk.

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